Simply gets things...done

Be Productive

Do it all from one place

Chat and Plan

In a single visual view

Keep Your Data Safe

Telegram standard encryption level


Use existing Telegram bots or build your own to automate processes


Use TeleDone on your desktop or mobile. Chat with your team and manage the work. Easily.

Unlimited Storage

Upload as many files as you want, any size. No limit.

Safe. Secure. Fast

The chat is fully encrypted by Telegram. Your tasks are fully encrypted by us. Privacy first!

Always Visible

TeleDone makes sure your tasks are always visible. Easily manage and update your tasks.


Simple processes

  • Create Tasks

    Plan your work

  • Assign Tasks

    Assign tasks to group members

  • Statuses

    Move tasks between statuses to track progress


Manage multiple projects for a single team


Tag tasks for better classification


Chat in the context of particular tasks


Simple Solution, Simple Pricing

You only need a single license for your team

Unlimited channels or users

Only $5/mo

charged annually

And enjoy TeleDone with every group you admin

OR $6.50/mo with monthly payments


  • Is it safe to use my Telegram login with TeleDone?

    Yes! We use Telegram open source code without any changes in the login process. In fact, TeleDone is open source and you may check our code.

  • Do you read my chat/tasks?

    No! Telegram encrypts all your chats, so we don't have access to them. We also encrypt your tasks, so neither we, nor anyone else, can see them. Your privacy matters! TeleDone is open source and you may check our code.

  • How often do you update TeleDone?

    We update TeleDone at least once a week with bug fixes and new features. We personally use TeleDone, so we want to make sure it's the best product to use.

  • Can I use TeleDone on my mobile device?

    Yes! TeleDone can be accessed from desktop and mobile! TeleDone is a Progressive Web App that can be installed and behave almost like a native one.

  • Can I delete my account?

    You don't even need a TeleDone account, just a Telegram one. Yet one less thing to worry about. You can of course, delete all related projects and tasks. It's your data!

  • Do you track user behavior?

    No! We don't use Google Analytics or anything like that to analyze your behavior. We prefer speaking with you to get feedback.

About us

We're remote-only team from several countries (Germany, Russia and few more) who build different kinds of apps. TeleDone started as an answer for our own needs and nowadays is available to everybody. TeleDone is a bootstrapped project by indie makers who enjoy creating products.

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